Thursday, September 10, 2009

Veal in Red Wine Reduction

Went to Santis the other day *again* and found some veal in their meat selection. I have never cooked nor tasted veal before so seeing that it was an opportunity to cook and to taste one, I bought a piece. Wow, it cost me 200 pesos for a small piece of veal, quite expensive. :(

Unwrapped it then *tanan*

Transferred it into a nice plate :D

Veal is like a young cow, milk fed and only 3-5 months old I think. As you can see, the meat is very light and in theory, the meat will be tender since its a baby cow. :D

What I did is simple: Heat the pan with olive oil, then pan roast the veal loin. *don't forget to season the loin* When you are done 3/4 of the cooking, throw in a clove of garlic, some butter and some rosemary.

For the sauce, it was easy, I reduced some red wine with some sugar. Yay!


The meat was really tender. It has like the texture of the pork only a little bit different. I didn't like the taste of the veal itself, it was flat. The aroma of the rosemary, however, paired well with the flat taste of the veal. Using fresh herb is really for the win. Lastly, I like the sauce, it was simple, but, it 'candied' when I added some more from the sauce pan. Next time, after reducing some sauce with sugar, put it fast in an ice bath to cool it down to stop the cooking process immediately. :D


Anonymous said...

veal is not young's not's young cattle - calf.

Hershey said...

oh, thanks for correcting me :D

Anonymous said...

Uhhh... A young cow IS a calf. And cattle ARE cows. Jesus, people.

Hershey said...

I lol, I actually googled it after posting my reply to the first anonymous and he was wrong, that is why I didn't change my original post :D thanks for the back up though ;)