Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ultimate Sinless and Guiltless Ice Cream

My mom and I were in Healthy Option the other day and saw an unbelievable product: a 136 calorie pint ice cream.

It comes with strawberries and banana flavors only. The strange part of this product is the packaging. It is packed in a way that you eat the whole thing once only since the cover is nor resealable! Well, for a 136 calories, you can really eat it in one shot, I mean, a serving of wheat bread has more calories to it! Lolz. Anyhow, this is actually a good substitute for those who have sweet cravings during their diets just don't expect that it will taste like the normal ones.


The company did very well for an ice cream that is 136 calories a pint. The texture was better than I expected. It had a good mouth feel for something that has no cream at all. You will feel that it melts it your mouth like real ice cream for only 1 second then everything seems like ice melting in your mouth. The taste was pretty subtle. It took me awhile to get the taste of the banana. The only thing that makes it taste like strawberry is because it is a little sour.

At the end of the day, it is a good alternative if you are on a diet, but I think it is not a good substitute for a real ice cream :D

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