Sunday, September 13, 2009

CIA, Yay!

The Culinary Institute of America, or CIA, if not the best, one of the best culinary institute in the whole world. It's main branch is in Hyde Park, NY.

Three days ago, I received received their admission materials through mail. It was pretty exciting for me since I really wanted to get in to CIA since I was 3rd year highschool! :D

Here is a closer perspective ;)

Last year, I was just planning to take my culinary education here in the Philippines, however; I realized that I have the opportunity to go to CIA, so why not settle for the best? Because of this realization, I asked some of my friends who got their culinary education abroad and unfortunately, there were a lot of horror stories with regards to their culinary training. The kitchen culture is really different. It is like fighting in the army they say.

The horror stories didn't stop me from wanting to go abroad and learn though, but, a friend of mine told me that I should first study here and gain some experience before going to CIA since most of the people there had already have some kitchen experience prior to their CIA education. My friend told me that I need to be competitive in terms of skills and knowledge before entering CIA and his advice enlighten me after reading this.

Ruhlman, the author, gave me a glimpse of what it is and what it takes to enter and learn under CIA. He showed me that decisions like going to the culinary path is no joke and it is both physically and mentally stressful. He really showed me that I really have to train myself first here in the Philippines before going to NY and get into CIA.

Oh well, seems like I'll will still be taking my culinary education here first. Then, after 2 years, I'll try to enter CIA then :D that's the plan boo ya! :D


Tiffany said...

go you can do it! :)what's two years right? ;) Aja!

andre said...

good luck hershey!!!

Hershey said...

Thanks andre :D