Saturday, September 19, 2009

145 Farenheit - Steak Splurge

We were supposed to watch a movie the other day, unfortunately; my sister's mother-in-law, Auntie Alice, needed a ride home from her shop so we went back to get her and missed the movie. Fortunately, Clark, my sister's husband, told us that since we missed the movie, we'll just have a nice steak for the evening. And lo and behold, it was the best steak of my life *as of the moment* :D

145F is located in Il Terrace, near ABS-CBN. It is a high-end steak house with a cozy ambiance and great cutleries. They have a nice interior with comfortable chairs. It has a good 'high ceiling' and has a good selection of wines.

This is the place were they expediate the food. Orders go there and orders are sent. Nice kitchen eh? :D

That's their wine rack. Nice selection and well chilled at the right temperature. :)

So that's a small peek of what 145F looks like. :D *sorry for the blurry shot, left is my sister, right is Clark*

The first thing I liked about this place is their bread. They have freshly baked bread served to us. What I like about it is that their rolls have a contrast of texture. It has a very nice thin crust on the outside and has a very light and soft texture on the inside. The rolls were really made perfectly. Moreover, adding rosemary to the rolls gave it a nice woodsy aroma that compliments really well with the 'steakhouse ambiance'.

Great dinner rolls *it made me want to learn baking rolls*

Their butter is infused with some pickled relish instead of herbs. The sweetness of the butter relish paired really well with their rosemary rolls.

There you go, a real match :D

We also ordered their house wine. A Beringer 2006 to pair it with our meal :D

Our first order arrived. Yay! It's a sirloin roast with mushroom pepper sauce and beef jus. It came in with our side dishes of creamed corn and mash potatoes. They said that it can feed four people :D

The flavors were strong. It has this good dense beef flavor that I was looking for. As I bit it, juices of the beef came out. Yummy! This shows that the meat was well rested before it was served to us *around 10 mins of resting*. Furthermore, the color of the meat shows that it was rested because if it wasn't, drips of blood will ooze out and making it redder.

The creamed corn flavor of the creamed corn was fantastic. Its sweetness wasn't that of a heavy one and I love eating it after every bite of the steak. It cleans your palate after eating so the dense beef flavor is wiped away and covered by the smooth texture of the cream.

The mashed potatoes was ok. It didn't fascinate me that much. I think it lacked some rich flavor that I was looking for. I think adding more butter and cream will improve this side dish a lot more. The texture, however; was that of what I was looking for in a mashed potatoes. Smooth texture without and gritty feeling of it in my mouth.

The next order arrived after 2 mins. It was fillet mignon. And I must say, after having this first bite.

It was like heaven!! Very light and soft texture! It was like eating a marshmallow only it has a beef flavor. This was the best piece of meat that I have eaten in my whole life *at that time* It puts any other steaks to shame. Really. It was also seared nicely giving it a nutty crusty texture and flavor too! This was actually the order of Auntie Alice. Nice one :D

The risotto arrived with the fillet mignon. It was ok. Nothing special really. I think because it was too salty for me but the flavor was good in a way that the mushrooms gave the dish a strong earthy flavor, but that's about it. :D

So we just chatted and enjoyed the meal at 145F. All in all, it was one of the best meal I had. Food was great, service was great. The waiters were trained to 'dance and disappear'. Moreover, I never have to ask for the waiter to fill my glass of water. And the best part of all, bread was unlimited :D

Note: If you were to cook your steaks at home, make sure the temperature of the core of the meat is 145F :D


Tiffany said...

im not really a big fan of steaks but when you described it, i also want to try it. :P

sebiesy said...

hersh, i like your ending line.. it made me go "aahhhh!" so that explains the name of the restaurant. i like this post. how much is your bill by the way?

Hershey said...

It's 7k :D but without the bottle of wine, it's 6k :D we were four :P