Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pesto :D

Got some nice basil leaves the other day and bought some of them. I was first thinking of making some tomato sauce for it, then again, I realized that there was just too much of it. There is only one solution for too much basil in the house: pesto.

Making pesto is pretty easy. You just need the following: a lot of basil, some garlic *around 3 cloves per 150 grams*, salt, olive oil, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, and maybe some anchovies.

I omitted that pine nuts and anchovies since I didn't have them at that time :D

Just put everything into your food processor or you can just chopped it using your hands.

Add the olive oil as the food processor cuts your ingredients. Here is my well trusted Dito Sama :D

After everything is cut, put it in a container. You can refrigerate it or freeze it, pesto freezes very well. In my picture here, my pesto looks dry, that's because I only added few tablespoon of olive oil *afraid of the calories*. So often than not, the basil mixture is wallowing in olive oil :D

You can use your pesto in chickens, potatoes, pastas, sandwiches, etc.. :D


Anonymous said...

Hersh, so id just 'cook' the pesto inside the freezer? Is that it? Or should heat the mixture at one pt in time?

Hershey said...

You can 'cut' a portion of the frozen pesto from the freezer, then heat it. You can microwave it or maybe toast it or else it will be hard frozen. :D