Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Banana Fritters with Mango Cream Sauce *Turon*

What I really liked about Filipino food is that I can be more creative about it since am here in the Philippines. I can easily look for Filipino ingredients and give them a twist like my champorado recipe. Because of that, I came up with a new pinoy recipe which is the humble turon or banana fritters. So often than not, banana fritters are fried with a crepe like wrapper with the addition of sugar during the frying part. It gives you this dense sweetness and crunchy texture. In my case, it would be more different. Here is the setup of ingredients.

As you can see, I'll be using a lot of bottled Philippine products as the main sweetener for my banana fritters.

First, cut some bananas.

Next, lay down some wrappers.

Put a slice of banana there.

Then, open a bottle of ube or a purple yam and spread a tablespoon beside the banana.

Then, open a bottle of macapuno or coconut sport strings *I think that's the english translation.* next to the purple yam.

Lastly, fold it. That's technically the main dish prior to cooking it.

Now, let's try making some sauce. The good thing about being in a tropical country, fruits are not only abundant but also of good quality. Furthermore, Philippine mangoes are like the sweetest mangoes in the world! Anyhow, so for the sauce, slice some mangoes.

Get a saucepan and melt some butter.

Add the mangoes in the saucepan. Give it a quick saute.

Then add some rum to add a different kind of sweetness in the dish.

Flambe! Yes, burn it!

Then puree it in a blender.

After which, you transfer it back to the saucepan.

Add some cream in it and give it a quick stir.

That's the sauce. Now, fry some of the wrapped bananas.

Cut them in half and serve it with the sauce.


I like this texture much much better than the usual turon. You see, the sugar of the usual turon tend to harden so much that so often than not, there is difficulty in eating it. In this case, it is different because there is a crisp texture on the outside and a very soft and chewy feeling on the inside. This was especially achieved because of the macapuno and the ube.

The sauce was also good. It gave a good contrast of texture with the whole dish. The flavors are better than expected. It was sweet and earthy. Colors were duller than expected. I think it had too much purple ube. Next time, adding more macapuno and lessening the ube would give it a much much better presentation. :D


Anonymous said...

dala ka d2 s bahay hahaha!!

Hershey said...

if there is time :D