Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maru - Korean Restaurant

After attending the Philippine Fashion Week a few weeks back, my sister and I thought of eating out afterwards. We also invited her friend to join us with our meal. My sister’s friend, Sebie, suggested we try this Korean restaurant near SM Mall of Asia. Since she was persuasive, we went there and had our dinner there.

This is actually a new experience for me and my sister since we don’t do a lot of Korean food and are not familiar with Korean dining experience.

Before ordering though, Sebie asked the waiter to bring in the appetizers. Wow, free appetizers! Am now really liking the place lolz.

The appetizers consisted flavors of spicy and sour. They also had good texture in them. For something free, it was really good. I liked their pickled aubergine and their spicy clam. The appetizers were cold which I think paired really well with the spicy flavor profile.

First, Sebie ordered samgyupsal.

It is technically grilled pork belly. It also had some grilled potatoes and onions. It wasn’t anything special at first when I ate, then, Sebie taught me how to eat it. You get some lettuce, then dip the pork with some sesame oil with salt and pepper, and add some yellow bean paste. I also added some potatoes with it.

Fold and eat!

It was astounding! I liked the saltiness of the bean paste with the sesame oil! Also, the lettuce gave a great bite to it.
My sister ordered two things. One is grilled mackerel and the other one is dumpling soup. The mackerel came first.

It’s mackerel. You cannot go wrong with it as long as the quality is good. The flavor was great and the texture was great. I liked the flakiness of the fish. The whole fish was also light, yum!

My order then came next, it’s galbi. It is technically beef short ribs. It is pretty similar with the Japanese’s yakiniku which I also blogged about it here.

It was great. Strong beef flavor with some sweet soy. You cannot also go wrong with grilled beef short ribs.

Lastly, which I thought was weird as being last, was the dumpling soup.

It was HUGE! The size was like half of my fist lolz! Anyhow, there was nothing special really with the dumpling. It actually tasted liked gyoza because of the strong garlic taste.

Anyhow, all in all, it was great. I liked the food, the service and the experience. I think am gonna go back again someday or at least try the other authentic Korean places too. I didn’t have some front shot of the place so I will just end it here.


sebiesy said...

hey hersh :-) hans mentioned last night that he misses your achi, clark and you. lets have dinner somewhere fancy naman! see you! keep posting your food experiences..

Hershey said...

I think what he meant to say it will be his last few weeks of being single and he really wants to mingle :)) lolz! thanks thanks! will do >:)