Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chocolate Rice Pudding with Sabayon and Bacon *Champorado*

It took me awhile to make a new post because the internet at home was dead for some time. Anyhow, at least my net is up again and time to write about what I have made during this cold weather.

I wanted to make something appropriate with the cold weather for my snack in the afternoon. Then, I found some left over cocoa tablets in our pantry so I thought of making a chocolate rice pudding out of it – champorado

Making chocolate pudding was easy. First, get some sticky rice. *I also had some leftovers from making the mango sticky rice before* and cook it with some chocolate. Make sure it has more water because you want your chocolate rice pudding to be more watery than dry. Then add some sugar to it to balance the earthiness of the cocoa tablet.

Normally, this dish is served with some evaporated milk and some salted fish. My version is a bit different. I added some sabayon and some condensed milk with the evaporated milk. So, while the rice cooks with the cocoa tablets. Make the sabayon. Get some egg yolks and mix some condensed milk.

Cook it in a double boiler.

Cook until it has thickened and has a creamy consistency. Careful not the overcook the eggs unless you want some sort of ‘yema’ out of it.

After that, mix some condensed milk and evaporated milk.

Lastly, cook some bacon. Cook it until crisp.

Then serve, putting the rice first, then add some of the evaporated/condensed milk mixture at the side. Top it with some sabayon and a slice of bacon.

There was a lot of going on with this dish. It was sweet, salty, savory and bitter. However, surprisingly, it went well. The earthiness of the cocoa tablet balanced well with the sweetness of the dish. In addition to that, the creaminess of the sabayon gave a richer flavor to it. The bacon gave a good saltiness to the dish and the texture was heavenly. As you bite the bacon with the chocolate rice pudding, there is a burst of crisp fat that will ooze out from the bacon. I must say, anything with bacon tastes really good.

One of the problems with this dish is the presentation. It lacked structure and color. Colors were dull, I thought the sabayon would give a good color but it didn’t. I think I should have placed something orange or green to make it look brighter or

Lastly, I think the evaporated mix could have been better. Maybe adding some cream could have elevated this dish or I should have reduced it further to give it a thicker consistency.

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