Friday, October 30, 2009

Chorizo Rice

I was checking our pantry the other day and found some old canned goods. I saw a Pure Foods' Chorizo de Bilbao which was like a year old already. It says that it will expire by November 2009 and thinking that it will expire sooner than later. I decided to do something about it. So often than not, I use this chorizo for making paella, however; I didn't have my oven that time and my paella pan was nowhere to be found. So, I thought of just making this simple chorizo rice dish.

Here are the ingredients.

First, make the tomato sauce. Oh yes friends, we are gonna make a tomato sauce from scratch here. It's flavor is more robust and vibrant. Moreover, it taste's more tomato than the sharp sour taste of commercial packed tomatoes. Anyhow, first, melt some butter.

Then, add some olive oil to give more flavor into it.

Mince some garlic and onions and give them a quick saute here, just sweat them.

Then, deglaze it with some white wine.

Then add some canned tomatoes. I use canned tomatoes because the local tomatoes have different taste. It is actually more refreshing that's why we usually eat it with something salty. The canned ones are different since it came from a tomato producing country and the good thing about their product is that they canned their tomatoes during its peak season and when they are fully riped.

Add some chicken stock into the mixture *mine was a frozen block of chicken stock*. I also added some bay leaf and some thyme. Let it simmer for around 10-20mins to cook out the acidity of the wine and tomatoes plus, to intensify the flavor.

When that is done, put it in a blender and puree it.

Use a chinois and strain the sauce to have a smoother consistency.

Then put it into a saucepan and let it simmer for some more, this time season it.

If you haven't used the Chorizo de Bilbao of Pure Foods, here is a sneak peak.

Yes friends, it is packed in lard! It would be a sin to not use those high cholesterol flavoring into your dish :D That said, get some of its lard and throw it in the pan. When that has heated, put in some chopped chorizo and some chopped bacon.

When they are almost done, remove it from the pan and put in the chicken. Saute and season.

Then, add some cold rice. I use 'dinorado' rice. It is stickier than normal white rice but not that likes of 'malagkit'.

Add in the bacon and chorizo.

Add in the tomato sauce.



Strong bold flavors. This dish will really make you feel Spanishy. What I didn't like about this dish was that I overseasoned it. I think you just have to season the sauce and that would be enough. Moreover, I think the bacon should have been cooked to almost crisped to give it a better texture. Lastly, presentation could have been better. Adding some parsley and lemon wedge as a side could have nailed this dish.

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