Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Eating at the Garden of Sonya

Remember my dilemma about not being able to smoke my tenderloin since we placed the outdoor griller in the cemetery in preparation for the all saint's day? well, we also went to Tagaytay that time. If you were to visit here in the Philippines, I suggest taking at least a day trip to Tagaytay. You will truly feel nature and the glory that is the greeneries of the mountain.

Also, It is a good idea if you try visiting this restaurant which we also visited: Sonya's Garden!

Sonya's Garden is a small restaurant in Tagaytay which is really hard to find. It is located deep inside a small road. It is a restaurant that is famous for being some sort of vegetarian since it wanted to show case it's own produce fresh from their garden. We arrived at 5pm and the weather was really fantastic.

Just follow the road

There's the destination place!

Oh no! looks like we are the only ones here! Maybe the food has gotten worse?

Just kidding :D

The style of their service is eat all you can self-service ala carte style. What do I mean about this? they just serve you on your table and you can always ask for a refill. First was their salad entree.

The salad entree had a bowl of fresh greens. A side selection of mangoes, melons, eggs, nuts and a honey mustard dressing. I made this!

Boy, the quality of their salad was really fantastic. Texture was great, greens were crisped and flavors were clean. Fruits were also sweet. It was actually a refreshing first course.

They also served dalandan juice. It was also drink all you can. It was really good even though it was powdered juice.

I drank so much I needed to go to the bathroom lolz

Next course was like a bread course. They sent some loaves of bread, eat all you can ofcourse, and some sides with it. They had pesto, tomatoes, shrimp paste, white cheese and some bean paste, it was some sort of hummus that you usually get from mediterranean cuisine.

I created different combinations from it and the best was a pesto and tomato base,white cheese on top and sprinkled some nuts for added texture from the salad course.

I ate like 2 loaves of this! lolz, I was really full at that time. The next was their main course. Pasta time!

It only had one type of pasta but had 2 different sauces. One was a cream base and the other was a tomato base. I like the tomato base better because it gave a strong tomato flavor. I think it was some sort of a tomato confit. It was accompanied with some fried salmon belly, capers, olives, ratatouillie and some aubergine. I liked their ratatouillie. It was pretty savory and flavors were also clean.

This was the pasta I made. It was technically a tomato confit, capers, olive and some salmon belly. Everything was great except the salmon belly,it was a bit overcooked.

Lastly, we had dessert, loved the chocolate cake, it was really light!

We also had some banana fritters and some yam cooked in condensed milk. The yam gave me a new perspective on the sweetness of the condensed milk, it was sharper when it is cooked and I really liked it

At the end of the day, it was a good meal. What I didn't like was it was carbo load! it made me feel uncomfortable at the end of the meal. Oh, we also had some tarragon tea, didn't get a shot though.

And it was night time. It was really pitched black. There's my mom and her mom looking a bit lost because of the darkness.

We shall be back, maybe for another 7 years lolz.


Chef Tonio said...

Nice place! I think I went there once but just to check the place.. Might try it soon :)

Hershey said...

Ya! it is nice, however; you can only go there once in a blue moon since they have never changed their menu yet I think, that's why I said that I'll be going again in the next 7 years because the last time i ate there was 5 years ago and it was the same menu :))