Friday, October 16, 2009

Moon Cake

Few weeks ago was the moon cake festival. We used to have this 'dice game' that is apparently invented here by the Chinese in Manila *according to my professor back in college*. You won't see any kind of dice game in mainland China during their moon cake festival.

I forgot about the lore of the moon cake, it was during my elementary days that my chinese teachers taught me about that. You can just google it and learn about it.

One of my mom's employees in China sent us a huge box of moon cakes instead of just a normal box of 4 for the moon cake festival. Tada!

Let's see what's inside!

Look at that, so many moon cakes! and there is a giant one right in the middle :))

Just so you know the size of the moon cakes, I took a picture of the box with my cellphone so that you get to see the comparison.

Huge right?


To be honest, at first, I was a little hesitant eating this gift. I mean, sorry to say this, it came from China! There are many bad stories about their merchandises, more so if it is food! I don't want to have any kind of food poisoning and I rather avoid it than take my chances.

However, the grace of God came along with the sign of the packaging that says ISO! Oh yes, if it's ISO certified, it can never be wrong! So I took one out and ate it.

Taste was good, nothing special actually. It tasted normal. Texture was a little crumbly though. For me, a moon cake must have that stiff sticky texture. This one lacks that distinct texture that I was looking for. After opening a new one, we realized that it has different flavors. The second moon cake was better, at least for me, than the former one. Oh well, it has different flavors, so it is really hard to give my opinion for the whole package. :D

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