Monday, October 19, 2009

Fried Chicken with Bacon and Mushroom Gravy

My mom bought a box of chicken *33 lbs* from a supplier the other day and we were defrosting it so that we can easily fit it in the freezer. As the whole box was thawing, I took two leg quarters for this dish. Moreover, I still have lots of bacon that I need to discard and I don't just wanna fry them up, that'll be boring, so it gave me this idea of making a bacon gravy.

So here is the line up *forgot to include some worcestershire in the picture*

First, make a seasoned flour. Get some flour and mix in the paprika, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Dry your chicken with some paper towels then coat it with the seasoned flour.

Now, heat some oil. Make sure you have a thermometer in hand to heat it so that you fry the chicken at the right temperature, too hot will burn the skin and not cook the chicken, too cold and the chicken will absorb some water.

Deep-fry the chicken at 350F.

Remove them when they golden browned or when the sizzling of chicken is lower

Now, let's make the gravy, saute some bacon. We will use its fat for the roux.

Lots of fat there.

Then, add in some mushroom and give it a quick saute.

Then, add some flour and some chicken stock into it.

Add some worcestershire at the end of cooking and some salt.



Some of the skin of the chicken was a little burnt. I can feel that burnt taste that is both bitter and annoying of some chicken. The gravy though was great. It had a strong robust flavor. The bacon and mushroom gave a strong savory flavor for the gravy.

The only problem of this dish for me was that the mushroom have been cut smaller. It should have been minced so that it can easily be eaten with the chicken. Since the mushroom were sliced, it was hard for me to eat the chicken with the mushroom. Moreover, butter could have helped a lot!

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