Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Post

Welcome to my food blog.

This food blog serves to archive my journey to my own culinary arts training at least here in the Philippines. The journey consists of eating, cooking, and learning all about food. Recipes of food are mostly original or at least inspired from somewhere or someone.

So far, am pretty familiar with Japanese ingredients, American ingredients and French techniques. This is probably due to the books I read since most of them are foreign books. Sadly, am not that particularly adept in Filipino cooking or Pinoy food; however, I'll also create recipes on pinoy food as well since I live in the Philippines, and local ingredients are based on Filipino food.

The food blog started because I cook a lot and food is pretty expensive. I thought that blogging is a good way to increase not only the value of the food I cooked but also the food that I have eaten. Moreso, it serves as a medium for me to look back and remember that things that I have created.

So I hope you enjoy my journey in the culinary arts, and if fortunate, we both learn a thing or two from my food blog.

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Chito said...

Hope so too!